Lorenzo("LONDY") White., began his music career at the young age of 15, Freestyling and battling in the streets of Brooklyn. Londy Graduated from Erasmus Hall High School and right after that he took a break from the streets and decided to joined the United States Army. On his return, emcee's such as TRAK KILLO OMAR or T.K.O,THE BUSTIN' MELLONS, BUSHWACKAS, ROB WES, MIKE DOLO, C-ALLAH, and BUDDAH. This is only a handfull of rappers that help build the skill that would later catapult his indie music career. He was inspired by famous and chart breaking music artist and actors such as TREACH and Vinny of NAUGHTY BY NATURE, APACHE, TUPAC SHAKUR, KRS-1 and his brother KENNY PARKER, D.J. A.D, AKSHUN and SPECIAL ED, these are just a few, but they were the ones that inspired and aided the journey.  Lorenzo "LONDY" White is an Artist, Song Writer, Sound producer,Video Editor and Publisher of his own work and to put it into perspective, this is what he loves to do everyday all day.   Londy was blessed by linking up with Errol (E-BOOGY) Kelly in the early 1990's thru A.D. who was QUEEN LATIFAH original DJ. LONDY erected "LONDY'S-RUCKUS". He was in it for the fans and to be heard by the masses. After linking up with E-BOOGY, Londy dropped his first album called, "LONDY'S-RUCKUS volume1" with 13 songs uncut in its entirety, with his Ill titles.  He is constantly working on new joints, so stay tuned in and in touch, because this cypher never ends. 


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